Oklahoma’s Rig Count Remains Steady

Oklahoma’s latest oil and gas rig count remained the same over the past week while the nation’s count grew by one to reach 863, according to weekly figures released Friday by Baker Hughes Co. of Houston, Texas.

Oklahoma’s count stayed at 106 compared to 198 one year ago. The nation’s count included five more oil rigs to reach a total of 645 and two additional gas rigs reaching 217.

A year ago, the nation recorded a total of 1,875 oil and gas rigs but has dropped 1,012 since the oil and gas downturn. The number of oil rigs dropped 918 in the past year.

Meanwhile, Canada continues its increase in total rigs, adding 30 more to reach 169 total. That includes 19 more oil rigs in the past week to reach 91. It also added eleven gas rigs.

Of some of the more popular oil and gas producing states, North Dakota fell by six in the past week to reach a total of 70. Texas added five to hit 368 compared to the 898 it had one year ago. Colorado is up one to 38. Kansas slipped by two to reach 10. New Mexico added four to hit 49.

Oklahoma’s Granite Wash play remained at 15 rigs while the Mississippian dropped one to reach 18. A year ago, there were 80 oil and gas rigs in the Mississippian. The Eagle Ford in south Texas dropped four to reach 102.

Read the full article here.


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