Understanding working in the oil fields

One of the toughest jobs is working in the oil fields. The only positive side to the work is that it pays extremely well. In fact, you could be a high school graduate and make as much money as a principal of a school, which would roughly be $80,000 to $100,000 per year. The only difference is that oil field work requires you to get your hands dirty and exhaust yourself with physical labor every single workday. A worker will typically work a 12 hour shift each day. Sometimes the shift will be longer depending on much work needs to be done. Schedules change all the time to the point where a 12 hour shift could turn into an 18 hour shift on a moment’s notice. Not only that, but you have to endure the harsh heat of the outdoors through the majority of the shift. This is the life of an oil field worker.

The worst part about the job is being away from family and friends. Oil fields often have camps set up for the workers to sleep in after they are done working. The reason there are camps is because the workers are too tired and too far away from their communities to drive back home. They simply have to camp it out in order to get a decent night’s sleep. Then when they wake up they go right back to work again. So even though the job pays well, the workers have to sacrifice a lot of their personal time with friends and family. For young single men, this can be even worse. The majority of oil workers are men, which means there are no women around. That is why the camps are often nicknamed “man camps.” It can get quite lonely for a single man with no women around. All they have to look forward to is eating, sleeping and working.

Oil field jobs are certainly not for everyone. You might think it is an easy way to get a six figure job with little to no education, but you make up for it with the vast amount of physical labor that is required each day. You are even putting yourself in harm’s way because of the cranes and high combustible gases you are around. The smallest mistake from you or another worker on the job could result in injury or death. But if you are willing to take these risks and endure the physical strain, then oil field work will afford you a nice life for your family.


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