Beltway Out of Touch Over Lost Energy Jobs?

beltwayOK Energy Today – As layoffs in Oklahoma’s energy sector grow weekly, is the story being heard in Washington D.C.’s Beltway? U.S. Senator James Lankford says it is among those like him who represent oil and natural gas states.

“I would disagree with those affected by it. Those of us that understand what’s really happening in the oil patch, understand full well what’s happening and we have lots of conversation,lots of meetings and lots of push here,” he told OK Energy Today in an interview this week a day after 80 workers for WPX lost their jobs when the Tulsa based company closed its Oklahoma City offices.

Part of the problem is cheap gasoline.

“There are so many states, they’re enjoying cheap gas right now and they seem to not understand the consequences of some of the things that are really happening in the oil patch,” continued the Republican Senator.

Throw in how the Obama administration has targeted fossil fuel and it would seem there is very little understanding on Capitol Hill how the energy industry works.

“I would tell you, it’s very difficult to get this administration to lean in and engage,” added Lankford. “This administration was eager to say when oil prices wee high, to attack oil companies and to attack those that work in the field.”

But now things are 180 degrees from what they once were. Thousands have lost their jobs not just in Oklahoma but in Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado and North Dakota.

“Now that oil prices are low, I don’t see them (Obama administration) running out and trying to defend them and try to help those same folks. Eager to attack. Slow to defend, that’s been the problem all along.”

Listen to Jerry Bohnen’s interview of Sen. Lankford.

Click here for audio


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