More Condolences for Oklahoma Oil Industry Pioneer, Aubrey McClendon

mccOK Energy Today – Condolences continued to pour in on the tragic death of Oklahoma oil industry legend, Aubrey Kerr McClendon, who died Wednesday morning following a single-vehicle accident.

Oklahoma Senator James Lankford stated, “The death of Aubrey McClendon is a tremendous tragedy for his family and for Oklahoma. His death leaves an empty void for many in the Oklahoma City community.”

Chad Warmington, President of the Oklahoma Oil & Gas Association, spoke of the late McClendon as an oil and natural gas industry pioneer.

“His vision and leadership helped make Oklahoma the leader it is in oil and natural gas development. The impact of his life’s work is evident throughout the industry. He was also an incredibly proud Oklahoman who loved his state and demonstrated that through incredible generosity,” said Warmington.

McClendon co-founded Chesapeake Energy Corporation with Tom Ward in 1989. Following his departure from Chesapeake, McClendon founded American Energy Partners, LP in 2013. He was indicted on March 1, 2016 on allegations of bid rigging in northwest Oklahoma. His death remains under investigation.


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