Oil Prices and the Oil Industry

Oil Prices and the Oil Industry

Starting in January this year, oil prices (bbl.) seemed to be either continuously getting lower or staying low day after day. It was not a good time to be in oil. Many people lost their jobs in that four-month time frame from January to April.

It was so bad that the Washington Post did an article on the ups and downs in the oil industry.

‘The collapse in oil prices came as a surprise to the nation’s oil workers. While there had been booms and busts before, this was supposed to a sustainable renaissance in American energy. And though oil has bounced back a bit — to about $60 a barrel — the pressure on American oil drillers isn’t subsiding.’

-Read the full article here

The question is, “how can we keep jobs and not lose our shirt?” The age old question that never truly has an answer. Is it possible to save everyone’s job and continue to operate? Possible. Is it possible to save some jobs and continue to operate normally? I think so. Why? You ask. How? You inquire. Well, I will tell you.

The answer is to simply use technology available to the oil industry to maximize revenue and bring downtime to a minimum. Every roughneck and owner knows that downtime can cost thousands of dollars per hour. That situation needs to be avoided at all costs.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just pull out your phone and directly contact the actual person you need to talk to for a piece of equipment? Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that allows you to see the equipment and manpower available, how far it is from you, and the person you need to talk to in order to get it done? If you said yes, that mobile app is here for you on Mobile Devices and the Apple iTunes Appstore.

This mobile app is called EQUIP Advantage, The Oil Field Connection and it does everything that is written above.

Be a part of our network and let EQUIP make downtime a thing of the past.


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